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Today’s blog is all about the cranium, ladies and gentlemens, and since Jacelyn’s the one with the most knowledge on the subject (and also has the prettiest one ever made), she will providing the bulk of the info today.  (As usual, all of Jacelyn’s words will be in italics, so as not to confuse her brilliance with my lunacy.)

Brand of sunglasses does not matter!

“Though it is shown to be important for us to protect our eyes from UV damage by wearing sunglasses (repeated UV exposure can degrade the retina), don’t fall for advertisements that claim that their brand of sunglasses is better!  High tech experiments have been done in state-of-the art research labs that demonstrate that sunglasses costing $2 filter out the exact same amount of UV rays as those costing over $2000.”

Now that Jacelyn has saved us thousands of dollars, let’s move on to fashion.  Most of you know that Jacelyn always dresses cleanly and appropriately, with a hint of Disney Princess flair; what you may not know is that she also has a small gangsta thug streak about her.  That is why I wasn’t at all surprised when she burst through the door, announced that she’d found a head covering she wanted, and showed me a picture of the largest trucker hat EVER:

I especially love the bill on the front.  Speaking of bills, you’ll be receiving a letter soon, asking for the necessary funds to buy a matching set. (Just pray about it)  Next up we’ll take on the Book of James as we try to tame this one:

(While I dry heave, Jacelyn will expl…….) This condition is called “Hairy Tongue” and it definitely looks like a hairy tongue, but it is actually overgrown filiform papillae, which are projections on our tongue.  They don’t contain any taste buds and are mostly present to catch and scrape food for us.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I don’t have time to give any more details than that–my final is in two weeks 🙂

Phew, I’m back. Sorry about that.  It’s just that every time I look at it, my stom…..

…read THIS while I get some Sprite and chicken nood……….

Okay, I’m back.  I hope you enjoyed the trip through head and eye protection and sick and twisted tongue issues as much as eye did. (pun)(I always feel the need to point out puns.  They’re funny enough as it is, but when you point them out, I think it makes the punnier) (pun).  All last week, I was given the amazing privilege of speaking at a different church in our deanery every night as a part of a youth Lenten retreat.  The week culminated on Saturday at a youth rally for the whole island, where over 800 youth attended!  I truly couldn’t believe that I used to be concerned about whether or not I’d get to do any ministry during our time here (silly Nic).  The event on Saturday began at 10am with a processional through a town called Mahaut (pronounced MUH-ho).  Maybe you’ve been on a processional before, but I hadn’t.

I had no clue what was going on as we all gathered in the middle of The Road, halfway between Portsmouth and Roseau.  Soon after we gathered, live worship music started blaring from a pickup truck stacked high with huge speakers and the 800+ youth and leaders started singing and walking through the streets of town.  This is a picture of the beginning of our walk:

Then we began climbing a hill to a playing field at the top, where the rally was held.  Here’s us on the way up:

…and up…

(Feel free to play “Where’s Whitey”) I just couldn’t believe I was able to be a part of it!  And, lest I forget WHERE I was, in the middle of the rally, while we were taking time to pray about how the Bible is “a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”, a massive, perfect rooster walked by.  Classic Dom.

Then, to top the weekend off perfectly, we attended the Palm Sunday  service in Portsmouth, which began with…..yes, you guessed it…..a processional!!!!  Beginning at 7am, we marched through the quiet streets of our little town, singing the old school songs like “Lift Jesus Higher” (yes, in case you were wondering, there WERE multiple roosters singing with us).  It was great because we sang and sang and kept singing as we walked in the front doors of the church and our singing became the processional hymn.  It was beautiful.  Thank you all for tuning in!

If you pray, when you pray, pray for us.

On to the next processional…

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We are The Davidsons. While Jacelyn was attending med school on the Caribbean island of Dominica, we adopted three siblings (2 boys, 1 Girl). We will be living in St. Cloud, MN, for the next three years whilst Jacelyn completes her medical residency! Nic will be writing and doing his best to come speak wherever you are.

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