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Help Me, Carpenter’s Music

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I’m not going to blog much at all, today, because I’ve got a bit of a bug and don’t feel well.  However, I DID want to take the time to point out that it is both a rainy day AND a Monday here on Dom and, far from getting me down, it’s actually quite quaint.  I’m going to curl up with a good nook (the e-reader, not a pacifier, thank you) and drift away, either to dreamland or Hogwart’s.  They’re about tied in the battle for my preference.  On the one hand, Hogwart’s is getting pretty darn crazy; on the other hand, I like my dreams, which are usually a mix between THIS, THIS and a random episode of Knight Rider.  Envy me?  Of course you do.

To pass your free time, may I remind you that our Dom photo album is always available for your perusal right HERE, with the most recent pics being at the bottom.

If you pray, when you pray, pray for us.

On to the next thing…

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We are The Davidsons. While Jacelyn was attending med school on the Caribbean island of Dominica, we adopted three siblings (2 boys, 1 Girl). We will be living in St. Cloud, MN, for the next three years whilst Jacelyn completes her medical residency! Nic will be writing and doing his best to come speak wherever you are.

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