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Wear to Beguine

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I know it’s been a while, but I promise there’s a reason.  I’m going to give a quick overview of our last month, made up of single words or phrases and I’ll fill in the details over the next few weeks. Deal?  Alright, then, here we go:

Final. Pack. Late for taxi to airport. Angry lines.  Late plane.  Trapped in paradise.  McGorge. Surprise! Grandma’s nightgown.  Grandpa’s drug problem.  Surprise!  Early Christmas.  Down time.  Siblings learn to kill together.  Kryptonian undergarments.  Consistent Airport Security Fail.  Feliz navidad.  McGorge.  Fleas, rashes, bowel obstructions (Burt, or course).  Bright Christmas.  Most expensive ham on earth.  Three cold tubs.  Eden at a bus stop.  Scotland on Dom.  Kamikaze transport.  There And Back Again Dolphins.  Sunsets.  Emerald Pool, buffet style.  4 peeps in a 1-peep kitchen.  4 hot springs.  Wave goodbye, wave awake.  Ocean spray.  Rest.  Rest.  Rest.  Rest.  Start class.  Prep for America.  Blog in alternate language.  Ես չեմ կարող հավատալ, թե ինչ եք իրականում figuring այս է. Շնորհավորում եմ. ( will help you out with that one)  Close blog now so people don’t lose interest in the new, vague format (and so I can get a haircut).

If you pray, when you pray, pray for us.

On to the next thing…

About Nic

We are The Davidsons. While Jacelyn was attending med school on the Caribbean island of Dominica, we adopted three siblings (2 boys, 1 Girl). We will be living in St. Cloud, MN, for the next three years whilst Jacelyn completes her medical residency! Nic will be writing and doing his best to come speak wherever you are.

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  1. I figured out what it says.


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